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Why should I choose Aromatherapy?

Aromas from flowers
What is Aromatherapy?

'Aroma’ means a fragrance or a sweet smell and ‘therapy’ means a treatment designed to cure. Aromatherapy is a treatment that uses plant oils within the massage, specifically blended to address certain problems or requirements. Aromatherapy is a complete holistic therapy as it affects not only your body, but also your mind and spirit.

History of Aromatherapy

The principles of using plant essential oils, as aromatherapy does, are ancient. The Egyptians were using aromatics widely 3000 years before Christ, for not only medicinal purposes, but also for cosmetics and to embalm their dead. There are also records in the Bible of aromatherapy with people using plants and their oils for treatment of illnesses and religious purposes.

The earliest written record of the use of essential oils in England was in the 13th century. Pomanders were carried in public places to ward off infection, especially the Plague. The herbs used for these were powerful disinfectants and bactericides. During the Middle Ages, a time of cholera and other diseases, the perfumers rarely fell ill as nearly all essential oils are good antiseptics. These are early examples of aromatherapy.

It was the French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé who discovered further uses of essential oils. Whilst carrying out tests, he burnt his hand badly and plunged it into a nearby container of lavender oil. He found that the burn healed in a matter of hours and he did not gain a scar. He then researched into the medicinal use of essential oils, revealing that it was possible for them to penetrate the skin, travel into the blood and lymphatic system and then into the organs. He coined the word aromathérapie in 1928.

Aims of Aromatherapy

  • To select oils that will have maximum benefit to YOU
  • To choose oils to treat the whole person i.e. psychologically and physiologically
  • To ensure that the blend of oils penetrates the skin thoroughly through massage
  • To stimulate or relax you as you wish
  • To stimulate the blood and lymph circulation and eliminate toxins
  • To consider other factors, such as diet and stress levels

Benefits of Aromatherapy

  • Dramatic improvement in general health and well being
  • Increase in vitality
  • Improvement in the colour and texture of the skin
  • Positive effect on mood and thought
  • Relieves stress
  • Stimulates or soothes the nervous system
  • Acts as an antiseptic/ antiviral tonic
  • Eliminates toxic waste from the skin and muscle system
  • Stimulates blood and lymph supply
  • Relieves muscular tension and warms the muscles

Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage
The Treatments

There are a variety of aromatherapy treatments that you can indulge yourself in. You can choose to have the essential oils specifically blended for your own personal ailments or requirements. These will then be sensually massaged onto your body and absorbed through the skin, at the same time as the aroma is stimulating the brain. Choose from one of the following treatments:

  • Full Body Treatment (back, neck, shoulders, legs, stomach, arms, chest, face, scalp) 1 hour 30 mins £45
  • Back, Neck and Shoulders £25
  • Partial Bespoke Massage £30 approx
  • Upper Body Massage (chest, neck, face, scalp) £20

If preferred, if you would like a general aromatherapy massage and do not have any specific ailments to target, you can relax with a pre-blended package:




~Immunity strengthener

All treatments will also involve cleansing of the body and unblocking of energy channels through stroking of meridians and pulsing of pressure points. Aromatherapy might just be the treatment for you.

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